Rent a car in Kyiv Auto Garant (KIEVAUTO GARANT) - a procedure that takes very little time.


The list of documents required for registration of rental cars:

driving license with experience of driving at least 2 years;

passport (the age of the tenant must be at least 22 years);

(INN) of the identification code (only the citizens of Ukraine);

migration card (needed only for foreigners);

the amount of collateral (both cash and credit cards) should correspond to the class of vehicle that you are taking in the rent.

We accept cards  Visa, Master Card


Terms of rental  vehicles:

When you move the car to take in the rolling, binding factor is the strict observance of traffic rules to ensure maximum customer security.

Kiev company Auto Garant (KIEVAUTO GARANT) gives a guarantee of the vehicle is pre-booked time. If necessary, the extension of the ordered cars during the current lease, will be treated individually.

The tenant is responsible for the safety of the passenger compartment and the vehicle equipment at the time of his lease. The responsibility of the employer in case of damage or theft of the rented vehicle is limited by the size of the deposit specified in the rental contract.

In the event of a breakdown or an accident, in the event of unforeseen situations in a very short time you will be given a car of the same class. forced the delay time will be subtracted from the time of your order. However, the company is not responsible for the delay, the material and moral damages in connection with the consequences of force majeure.

The company can not be held responsible for the congestion, traffic jams, the actions of the traffic police and emergency situations on the road from the car following.

For the car left in the interior things the company is not responsible. All detected forgotten things immediately transferred to the office.

Note: When renting a car up to 5 days, a limited run of cars 3 0 0 km / day. Extra charge for a re-run of $ 10 for cars and economy of the middle class and $ 20 for business class cars and SUVs.

When renting more than 5 days unlimited mileage.


For more information please call or use the service On-line consultant, as well as under conditions of hire cars.